Procedure to enter Labuan, Malaysia as of 10 December 2020

Traveller to Labuan, Malaysia is required to adhere to latest procedure beginning 10 Dec 2020.

Condition to enter Federal Territory Labuan, Malaysia

  • COVID-19 Swab Test Result (Negative) done 3 days prior to entry. The test required are RTH-Ag or RT-PCR
  • Registered to MySejahtera app
  • Beginning 1 January 2021, no swab test will be conducted at entry point. Traveller is required to perform swab test before coming to Labuan.

What will happen at the Entry Point

  • Please present your copy / original COVID-19 Test Result (RTK-Ag or RT-PCR).
  • Use your MySejahtera app to check in.
  • Traveller will be required to undergo health screening test.

If no symptom detected, traveller will be allowed entry and provided with HAC (Health Alert Card)

If traveller detected to have the common COVID-19 symptom, a swab test will be performed on site and traveller will be required to self-quarantine until receive the swab test result.

For travelling less than 3 days

If your travel period to Labuan are within the swab test valid period of three (3) days, health screening will be performed to evaluate risk and to detect any symptom. If no symptom detected and the risk valuation is low, traveller will be allowed entry with HAC (Health Alert Card)

If COVID-19 Swab Test Result Already Passed 3 Days

For traveller with Swab Test Result which has passed its validity period of three (3) days, a swab test will be performed along with health screening. Traveller will be allowed entry but have to undergo self-quarantine until result of swab test available.

Frequently Asked Question

  • For travelling from Labuan to another States in Malaysia, traveller has to follow the Standard Operating Procedure imposed by that States.
  • For same day cross border movement, the Swab Test result must at least within its 3 days validity period.
  • Individuals entering Labuan with no COVID-19 test performed prior to travelling will be required to undergo swab test at entry point. The tests are RTK-Ag or RT-PCR. Fees will be imposed on the test.
  • Daily travel will follow current procedure.
  • This procedure is not applicable to Shipping and Oil&Gas sector.

For enquiries please contact the authorities

Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN).087-411414
Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)087-412575
Angkatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia (APM)087-415440
Jabatan Kesihatan@CPRC087-596160
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