Wak Kiman Campsite, Labuan

Wak Kiman Campsite located near to Labuan Bird Park & Labuan Chimney. To get there, just look for Simpang Bentara (we provided Google Map location at the end of this post). Along the way visitors will be greeted with rows of coconut tree and the calming sound of ocean and wind. It is really located next to the Tanjung Kubong beach.

Given the location is far from town area, the light pollution are much lesser here. If the weather is good, and the sky is clear, the thousands stars in the sky will appear. It also means your night will be quiet and calm, with a gentle breeze of the ocean.

The next morning, enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from here. On a good day, the majestic Mount Kinabalu will be visible, bathed with a golden light from the rising sun.

If you are planning to come here, give them a call to book your spot in advance. The rate for one person is RM15.00 (Subject to change). You are encouraged to bring your own tent although Wak Kiman Campsite does provide a tent but at the moment they have only three. So, bring yours or book the tent in advance.

Shower, toilet and power plugs are provided here for your comfort.

You can contact Wak Kiman Campsite at

Here is Google Map location to Wak Kiman Campsite.

Disclaimer : All photos and videos were taken from Wak Kiman Campsite Facebook page.

Local Events

Fiesta Sunrise, Tanjung Kubong Run & Kayuhan Sihat 2017

Aturcara Program
Tanjung Kubong Run / Fiesta Sunrise / Kayuhan Sihat 2017

5.30 pagi Ketibaan peserta Fiesta Sunrise

5.40 pagi Ketibaan YB Datuk Rozman Hj Isli

6.00 pagi Menyaksikan fenomana matahari terbit / Pertandingan Fotografi Sunrise

7.00 pagi Ketibaan peserta Larian Tanjung Kubong Run

7.10 pagi Upacara Menanam pokok

7.30 pagi Senam Tari 1Malaysia (bersama peserta larian)

8.15 pagi Pelepasan peserta larian oleh YB Datuk Rozman Hj Isli

8.30 pagi Konvoi Berbasikal Bersama Persatuan Basikal Labuan

10.30 pagi Penyampaian hadiah & cabutan bertuah

11.30 pagi Acara dijangka selesai

*Peserta dari luar Labuan akan berkumpul di Terminal Feri Antarabangsa Labuan pada pukul 6.30 pagi pada 5 Februari 2017. Bas akan bergerak ke lokasi pada jam 6.50 pagi.

Untuk maklumat lanjut , sila hubungi

Wahidah Abdullah +6019 883 2408 / +6019 802 2408

Madzan Yunus +6012 828 9158

Nazariah Idrus +6013 880 9220

Mohd Firdaus Kadir +6014 359 4870

Maklumat lanjut berkenaan program Kayuhan Sihat, sila hubungi

Jamil HJ Kario +6019 533 8834

Sabrin Sidup +6012 828 2655

Historical Places

Labuan Chimney

The monument known as Chimney is one of the most famous and unique historical landmark in the Federal Terriotry of Labuan. The red brick tower is better known among the local as “punil”. It was believed to be built in early 1900, when coal mining was at it’s peak in Tanjung Kubong and it’s surrounding area is a main site of Labuan coal mining industry during the British occupation.