Wak Kiman Campsite, Labuan

Wak Kiman Campsite located near to Labuan Bird Park & Labuan Chimney. To get there, just look for Simpang Bentara (we provided Google Map location at the end of this post). Along the way visitors will be greeted with rows of coconut tree and the calming sound of ocean and wind. It is really located next to the Tanjung Kubong beach.

Given the location is far from town area, the light pollution are much lesser here. If the weather is good, and the sky is clear, the thousands stars in the sky will appear. It also means your night will be quiet and calm, with a gentle breeze of the ocean.

The next morning, enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from here. On a good day, the majestic Mount Kinabalu will be visible, bathed with a golden light from the rising sun.

If you are planning to come here, give them a call to book your spot in advance. The rate for one person is RM15.00 (Subject to change). You are encouraged to bring your own tent although Wak Kiman Campsite does provide a tent but at the moment they have only three. So, bring yours or book the tent in advance.

Shower, toilet and power plugs are provided here for your comfort.

You can contact Wak Kiman Campsite at

Here is Google Map location to Wak Kiman Campsite.

Disclaimer : All photos and videos were taken from Wak Kiman Campsite Facebook page.


Labuan Marine Park

Labuan Marine Park or locally known as Taman Laut Labuan consists of 3 islands namely Pulau Rusukan Besar, Rusukan Kecil and Pulau Kuraman. Offering spectacular beauty with its fields of colourful coral reefs and marine life, Labuan Marine Park is just about 30 minutes boat ride from Labuan island, but you can also go to a  Motorbike Rental in Chiang Mai and get there by yourself.

Do’s & Don’ts at Labuan Marine Park

Don’t  stand on coral
Don’t walk upon or stand on coral, as this can kill the living coral polyps that are the builders of the reef structure. Consider a flotation device (placed under chest) if you’re not the best of swimmers and never stand on coral to adjust mask. Swim well and clear of the reef and kick to keep head out without the possibility of kicking the reef, or search for a sandy or coral free shallow place to stand. Don’t touch, pickup or hold reef life, and never pull octopus from their habitats.

Anchoring is prohibited
If mooring buoys are not available, use a sand type anchor placed in sand well away from any reef formation and up wind (or tide) from where you want to dive, then allow the boat to drift into position near the reef. Always check that the anchor is well secured in the sand before diving on the reef.

Even experienced divers have at some time in their life accidentally bumped or broken coral, so the inexperienced should be particularly careful.

Do NOT touch the coral
A careless mistake could wipe out a whole community. Coral reefs are the essential breath for a vast and still unknown marine life. The zoothanthellae which live in the coral, provides the essential oxygen for the coral to live and proliferate. Without the algae, the reef would not grow and without the coral, a score of marine organisms would not exist. When coral reefs are foolishly destroyed by the use of chlorine bleach or other deadly chemicals for fishing practices, this kills the algae and corals. When you destroy the coral, you strangle the marine life of its breath and deprive our future children of nourishment from the sea.

Avoid harassing reef life
Reef animals are easily stressed and harassing them can disrupt feeding and mating behavior.

Avoid littering
Litter endangers marine marine life and spoils the reef’natural beauty.Throw litter in a bin or take it back with you.

Labuan Marine Park is managed by
Pejabat Taman Laut Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan
Address: Kampung Pantai, 87000 Labuan, Labuan Federal Territory, Malaysia
Hours: 8:30AM–5:30PM
Phone: +60 87-582 502

Historical Places

Labuan Chimney

The monument known as Chimney is one of the most famous and unique historical landmark in the Federal Terriotry of Labuan. The red brick tower is better known among the local as “punil”. It was believed to be built in early 1900, when coal mining was at it’s peak in Tanjung Kubong and it’s surrounding area is a main site of Labuan coal mining industry during the British occupation.

Historical Places

Taman Damai / Peace Park Labuan

Peace Park or locally known as Taman Damai  was built to commemorate the fallen soldiers whom fought in Borneo Island and its surrounding waters during the World War 2. This park also mark as a symbol or prayer to world peace with hopes of building a better relationship and prosperity between two countries, that are Malaysia and Japan.

Peace Park located in Kg Layang – Layangan, near to the beach. If you’re taking public transport, take a ride on bus number 4. A taxi ride would cost you around RM 12.00 ++ from town area. Rent a motorbike from GG Rent a Motorbike (call +6 087 429 792)

Historical Places

Labuan War Memorial

Along Jalan Tanjung Batu, where locals would pass by indifferently on their tooting motorcycles and zooming cars, lie 3,908 soldiers in perfectly squared platoons, much like how they would stand in salutation when they were alive. These soldiers were from all over: Australia, Great Britain, India, New Zealand and even Malaysia.

The POWs of Sandakan, the perished war heroes of the Australian 7th and 9th Divisions, as well as those of the Punjab Signal Corp and a few locals were all buried here today at the WWII Memorial in Labuan, which was officiated by the Australian government in June 1953.

The bodies were shipped in from Sabah, some with their military tags still glimmering around their necks. Of the 3,908 of them, 2,156 were unidentified. The identified burials number 1,752 of which 1,523 are soldiers, 220 airmen, 5 sailors and 4 civilians (consist of 814 British, 858 Australians, 1 New Zealander, 43 Indian and 36 Malayan). Another 34 Indian soldiers, whose remains were cremated, are commemorated on a memorial in the India Army.

They were all given a white headstone each with their names, military positions and death ages engraved on it. Poignant messages from their family members still resonate today with heavy heartaches that would dwell tears in the eyes. The 2,156 war heroes were also given a similar engrave of ‘Known unto God’ – while their bravery may not be known on earth, but they never be forgotten in the eyes of God. The Cross of Sacrifice stood in the middle of the memorial ground.

Text taken from LabuanTourism website

Remembrance Day is an annual event organized by Labuan Tourism Council to commemorate the fallen heroes during the World War II . The event held annually at Labuan War Memorial park, whom High Commissioner representatives from Commonwealth countries, families of the fallen soldier and public citizen attended the event to offer tribute. Remembrance Day fall on 11th November each year. The event also called Poppy Day and Anzac Day in several countries.

How to get there :

By Bus : Bus No. 1 (Blue Stripe). Temporary bus terminal (valid as of 1st January 2012 as time of posting) located next to Hotel Aifa (also currently under construction).

By Taxi :  Tel:087- 411878 / 422878 (24 hours)

Rent a Bike : Labuan Package